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Daniel L. James, P.T.

Founder and Owner

Dan James founded West Portal Physical Therapy (WPPT) in 1992, having previously owned and managed Hyde Street Physical Therapy on lower Nob Hill. He received his graduate training in Physical Therapy at the University of Pennsylvania. Dan first interned in Philadelphia hospitals focusing on general orthopedics and spinal cord injuries and then in the Princeton University athletic department concentrating in sports medicine.

Having devoted his career to physical therapy, Dan is passionate about achieving measurable results in a caring environment for his loyal patients who run the gamut from middle school students with sports injuries to seniors seeking rehabilitation after orthopedic procedures.

Committed to innovation, Dan insures that WPPT offers its patients a broad spectrum of treatment options such as the Biodex Balance System, which is designed to improve balance, increase agility, and develop muscle tone, particularly for seniors. Total Motion Release™ has also been found effective with selected patients.

In 2013, Dan doubled the size of his penthouse clinic and added a Wellness Center to incorporate a by-appointment, semi-private exercise and nutrition program into his client offerings. Many former physical therapy patients have enrolled in the Wellness Center to maintain the results they have achieved in physical therapy, and the center has attracted new clients as well.

Dan and his wife live in nearby Balboa Terrace along with their canine companion, Rhianna. His daughter graduated from Parsons School of Design in New York City and has launched her design career there. When he is not at 345 West Portal Avenue, Dan enjoys cultivating his garden with the seasons and a round of golf.

Kendra Frank, M.S.P.T.

Physical Therapist

Kendra joined West Portal Physical Therapy & Wellness Center in the summer of 2014 and with her comes a wealth of professional experience and the increased staffing that will allow the clinic to reduce its waiting period for initial physical therapy appointments.

Originally from Boston, Kendra earned a Masters of Science degree in Rehabilitation Services at Northeastern University in 2006. Following graduation, Kendra devoted nearly four years to gaining a broad range of co-operative and clinical experiences in pediatric centers, physical therapy clinics, sports medicine facilities, and hospitals primarily in Boston.

Having relocated to Rhode Island, Kendra launched her career as a physical therapist in a traditional PT clinic and then ever eager to expand her scope of experience, transferred her skills to focus on rehabilitation for seniors.

Kendra made the Bay Area her home in 2014. By bringing her commitment and drive to the team at WPPT, she returns to a clinic that provides a broad range of physical therapy and wellness services to a full spectrum of patients - from middle school students to seniors. Reflecting on her recent move to the Bay Area, Kendra particularly embraces its multi-cultural focus, scenic beauty, and varied cuisine. In her spare time, she enjoys biking, yoga, and playing the guitar.

Roselle Paningbatan

Physical Therapy Assistant

Roselle Paningbatan joined the West Portal Physical Therapy & Wellness Center team as a physical therapy aide in 2005 and went on to receive her certification as a Physical Therapy Assistant in 2014. Roselle fulfills the critical role of selecting and supervising patients’ exercises and determining the appropriate time to advance physical therapy routines.

As a motivated student, Roselle realized her interest and commitment to patient care early on and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy from the Philippine College of Health and Sciences in Manila. She then completed a nine-month rotating internship in medical centers and hospitals throughout the Philippines. Finally, she worked for more than three years training physical therapy graduate students at a rehabilitation center just outside Manila.

The Bay Area welcomed Roselle in 2003 when she arrived to join her husband and raise a family in the United States. A health enthusiast, Roselle particularly enjoys volleyball and walking. As an avid reader, her perfect Saturday morning is accompanying her two young sons to the library where they are embracing the joys of reading.

Jho Mallorca-Suarez

Office Manager

Jho is a West Portal Physical Therapy & Wellness Center veteran, having joined the clinic in 2000, when she relocated from Manila. After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication at De Lasalle University in the Philippines, she had planned a career in marketing, but found that administration was her true passion.

Responsible for keeping the front desk, scheduling, and communication with patients and doctors running like clockwork, Jho has a busy job that she undertakes with quiet efficiency. Chances are that all WPPT patients will interact with Jho or her able assistant, Angie, during their time at the clinic.

Jho and her family live in nearby South San Francisco, where Jho can embrace her love of exercise through the dance fitness program, Zumba, and by accompanying her young daughter to swim class.

Angie Marpa

Front Desk Assistant

Our energetic and cheerful front desk assistant, Angie Marpa, joined us as a referral from our vice president of administration, Jho Mallorca-Suarez. In fact, for five years, Angie had worked just one floor below us as a front desk assistant at San Francisco Preventive Medical Group.

After earning her degree in Business Management at Holy Angel University north of Manila in 1990, Angie began her career as a professional sales trainer at Avon. She and her husband relocated to Oakland in 1997, and Angie enrolled and completed a course of study to become a nursing assistant. While in school in the East Bay and after graduation, she worked for Aventis-Bio Services, a blood bank, in a dual role as medical assistant and front-office supervisor. Ultimately, Angie decided to focus her professional efforts on health care administration, and we are delighted that she elected to continue her career at WPPT.